Duties of a Student

Duties of a Student

Composition — 👉 Duties of a Student 👈

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Introduction: Students part a definite period of the life in an educational institutions to gather too much knowledge. This part of life is known as a student life. It is the important time of a man’s life. During his / her part student has some important duties to do something. He should prepare himself for the fight of his life. He smust be careful about the proper use of this part of his life.

Main duty: Regular study is the main duty of every student. He /she should read his/her books carefully. He should do his home-work and class- work regularly. He should listen to what his teachers tell and note down everything. He must should gain knowledge of every kind and equip himself with requisite qualifications for their future.


Health and character: The duty of every student should not be limited to learning only. He should be neat and clean. He should study while it is time for him to study and he should play while it is time to play. This would make him wise happy . He must build up his/ her character. When the character is lost, everything will be lost.

Social service in vacation: He should also perform some social service during his vacation. He should must be organize social service group in his school to work in different cities.

Another duties: Every student should take part in all kind of co-curricular activities to gain knowledge. He should obey and respect his / her teachers, parents, and elder.He should must be dutiful for his country,society and Allah.

Conclusion: Student life is the best part of a man’s life. He should make the proper use of this time.

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Student has three duties : Duty towards God, duty towards parents and duty towards mankind. So students have certain duties in the society in which they live in.

Specially, women are neglected from study. Students can open night schools and teach illiterate man and women.

During all the vacations, he/she goes to villages and teach the village people so carefully. Student services is important for our national health.

Female students can teaches the uneducated man or women how to keep their home neat and clean, how to grow up a child and look after their health. The people of all village and the people who living in the slums suffer from many diseases.

“Bangladesh” is an agricultural country. Her depends on an agriculture. But the farmers of our country are illiterate and unconsciousness. They have no knowledge about the scientific method of cultivation and culture. In this situation , students can teach illiterate farmers and women.

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. Most of the person of our country are illiterate. They are also unaware. They have no idea about study. They are unwilling to aspect family planning.

They gives idea to the illiterate village people the need for adopting family planning. During floods and cyclones, students stand by the affected people. Students beg money from the rich, save the affected people, feed the hungry, nurse the sick.


Duties of a student

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Introduction: Students are the greatest source of a nation. They are the future leaders of nation. They can make or destroy a nation. They play a vital role in society and country.

Primary duty: The primary duty of a student is to acquire knowledge in his student life. They should also try heart and bosom to make themselves responsible citizens. For that, they should use most of their time usefully. They should pay attention to study to be proper educated person.

Services to illiterate people: Student can play a role to illiteracy from the society. Students can
makes a nation too much strong.

Service to common people: Students can help all over the people in different ways. They can help the farmers by speaking them off, the need for scientific methods of cultivation. They can also help the neglected people by telling them of the importance of hygiene etc.


Service in time of natural climate : Students can help people in distress. They can collect funds for homeless people and take part in relief operations. Through the Red Cross Society, they can take part in humanitarian work at home as well as abroad.

Conclusion: The students have much to do for society and country. Through social service, they can enrich their mind. They can uphold the image of the nation through their social services. But they must be careful of their main job, that is, study. So, in fine we may say that students has lots of responsibility.

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