Facebook has banned these 20 keywords you should avoid using

Facebook has banned these 20 keywords you should avoid using

Facebook has banned 20 keywords, considering them to be “low-quality content” indicators.

A hint of low-quality content means brands won’t see any “organic reach” if you use it in captions or even as text in images you post.

20 Banned Keywords By Facebook

Sales Keywords (Terms)

KeywordsUse This Instead
1. CouponHuge Drop
2. Marked DownLowest I’ve seen
3. BuyMy house needs this
4. DiscountFill your bag
5. OrderRun; you’ll love it
6. % OffHurry Over
7. SaleCould you pick it up?
Gift idea
Score this
Don’t lose this
Grab it
Get it

Giveaways and Deals Keywords (Terms)

KeywordsUse This Instead
8. FreeNothing for you
9. FreebieCome & get it
10. GiveawayZip, zilch, nada
11. DealFor diddly squat
12. WinFor Nada
13. EnterDon’t wait on this one
14. ContestSnatch it up
Make your wallet happy

Time and Countdown Keywords (Terms)

KeywordsUse This Instead
15. closeNothing for you
16. Only X days leftCome & get it
17. Limited timeZip, zilch, nada
18. While supplies lastFor diddly squat
19. Ending soonFor Nada
20. Today onlyDon’t wait on this one
Snatch it up
Make your wallet happy

If you run Facebook ads, don’t use these 20 keywords in your ad copy so you can reach the right people without wasting your time.

Organic reach is a powerful marketing strategy. This is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Organic reach can help you get more people to your website and increase brand awareness. 85% of consumers say they are more likely to visit a website after seeing it in their newsfeed.
Although there are many aspects of online marketing, advertising copywriting is one of the essential parts of any marketing campaign. Copywriting can help improve your SEO strategy, improve brand recognition and recall, increase click-through rates on paid search ads, and make your brand more trustworthy and authoritative.

Another reason advertising copywriting is essential is: It helps your audience recognize and remember your brand. Brand recognition is very important for companies hoping to establish themselves in the market. While there are many ways to achieve this (for example, with logos, slogans, or jingles), it is often best achieved through advertising campaigns that are written with a specific objective in mind: to introduce your product or service to a new audience (which will hopefully do translate into more sales).

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