General questions and answers for viva

  1. Do you think our shopping habits are increasing day by day?

            Ans: Yes, I think so. Our daily needs have been somehow amplified (অ্যামপ্লিফাই্ – বৃদ্ধি করা). Now to lead a city life we require a lot of things to buy which could be collected from our own homes in the past.

  1. At the present time, how do people become famous?

            Ans: People obviously need to achieve something great in their field of interest to become famous these days. It is getting increasingly difficult to be famous day by day. The attention of the media is something that one must have to become famous these days.

  1. How do you think they become famous in the past?

            Ans: In the past it was almost the same but the contribution of the media in making someone famous was not as emphasized (য়েমফ্যাসাইঝ্ – জোর দেয়া) like it is nowadays.

  1. How will they become famous in the future?

            Ans: I think the media is going to play a role even more important in the future in making someone famous. Without the focus of media, someone will fail totally to win fame.

  1. Give me a comparison (তুলনা) between a school boy and an adult (বয়স্ক) boy.

            Ans: A school boy is younger and therefore more immature. On the other hand, an adult boy is mostly  full  of aspirations and  he concentrates more on the future while a school boy likes to be likes to be absorbed in ( ) the present.

  1. Mention (মেনশন – উল্লেখ করা) a favorite festival of yours.

            Ans: PahelaBaishakh.

  1. Briefly (ব্রীফলী – সংক্ষেপে) discuss the activities related to this festival.

            Ans: In Dhaka, PahelaBaishakh is celebrated with joy and festivity. People gather in a place called the RamnaBotmul to enjoy music and cultural programs. Later on, there is an event where we all take the traditional Bangladeshi food to remember the first day of the Bengali New Year. Many other activities are there throughout the day.

  1. Do you think globalization influences the festivals of your country in any way?

            Ans: Yes I think so. The cultural mixing has its influence on any part of the world which is, in the end, largely a result of globalization.

  1. What is the condition of computer education in your country?

            Ans: Computer education in your country in not commendable (কমেনডেইবল – প্রশংসনীয়). The rural areas, especially, suffer poor computer knowledge. The government has taken steps to fight problems against development of technological knowledge.

  1. How will you compare your computer knowledge with your father’s computer knowledge?

            Ans: My father is not very comfortable with computers as he is not too familiar with them. He has not grown up seeing computers around himself like me. Therefore, his knowledge in computers is poorer than mine.

  1. How can you explain the computer education in your country?

            Ans: We have a weak education system. Many basic fields, let alone the field of computer knowledge, are still to be effectively taught in vast areas. The education system to increase its efficiency (য়েফিশিয়েনসী – দক্ষতা) may bring good results.

  1. Describe a typical (টিপিক্যাল্ – আদর্শ; গতানুগতিক) working day of yours.

            Ans: I try to arrive at my work place at the right time. I sing the attendance book and then take a cup coffee to energize (য়েনারজাইঝ – উদ্যমী করা) myself for the day’s work. Then I sit before my PC and start working. I take lunch at the break and then resume working. I leave the office in the late afternoon, usually tired and rush back home.

  1. What are the main sources of entertainment (য়েনটারটেইনমেনট – চিত্তবিনোদন) in your country?

            Ans: These days, TV has become the main source of entertainment in our country for a large portion of the population. In the cities, the richer or moderately well-off people have the advantages of being entertained by high-tech equipment’s.

  1. Tell about the advantages and disadvantages of entertainment people.

            Ans: Too much entertainment can harm people as it keeps them from working and may turn them into lazy and inefficient workers. An ample (অ্যামপল – প্রচুর) and regular amount of entertainment can keep a person fresh and energetic all the time.

  1. Do you like museum (মিউঝিয়াম – সংগ্রশালা; জাদুঘর)?

            Ans: Yes, I like museum.

  1. How often do you go to the museum?

            Ans: I don’t go to museums very frequently as I have a tight working schedule.

  1. What are the attractions (এ্যাট্রাকশনস – আকর্ষণীয় বস্তু) you like in the museum?

            Ans: There are artifacts of the medieval age along with inscriptions (ইনসক্রিপশনস – পাথরে খোদিত শব্দাবলি) which are very interesting to watch indeed. The museums give me an opportunity to take a tour of the past we left behind us.

  1. What short of museum do people like?

            Ans: I think people like the museum that puts pieces of art and artifacts off ancient times on display.

  1. What can we do to develop our museums?

            Ans: The caretaking procedure has to be carefully monitored. The authority should concentrate more on enriching the museum with more and more attractive items. They can also arrange something like museum fair or museum day etc.

  1. Do you think people should stay more in high-rise buildings?

            Ans: As times goes by, increasing number of population need to be provided accommodation in the cities. High rise buildings are the only solution to this problem.

  1. Do you think particular movies should be banned (ব্যান – নিষিদ্ধ করা)?

            Ans: I think so, yes.

  1. What sort of movies should be banned and for whom?

            Ans: Movies containing vulgar (ভালগার – অমার্জিত বা কুরুচিপূর্ণ) scenes of sexuality or violence should not be publicly displayed. They may have restrictions for particular age groups specially the children as their psychology is vulnerable (ভালনেরেইবল –সহজে আক্রান্ত হওয়ার যোগ্য).

  1. Do you think that what the choice of movies changes with the viewer’s age (দর্শকের বয়স)?

            Ans: Yes, I think so. As people grow up, they tend to like movies closer to reality.

  1. How can you improve the standard (মান) of Bangladeshi movies?

            Ans: I think, the attention and proper funding is needed first. Attracting young and innovative minds in his field is another important issue.

  1. Which place in Dhaka city do you like as recreational (রেক্রিয়েইশনাল – বিনোদনমূলক) places?

            Ans: Well, there are several places where we can recreate ourselves such as-the park for children, the Ramnapark, the Fantasy Kingdom and so on. All these places offer either a serene (সেরীন্ – শান্ত) place to recharge after work or various entertainment sources to energize oneself.

  1. What are the problems you face in those places?

            Ans: Problems with security have been an issue which has been tackled recently. Proper transport to these places is also rather hard to get.

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